¹ 5 ԧҤ 2558 14:35:39 .


˹ʴ ѹ 12 ѹ¹ 2558, 18:00 .

ʶҹ ѹ ͧͧҹ

ҤҺѵ 4000 (׹/ )/ 5,000/ 2,800/ 1,800 ҷ

˹Դºѵ : ѹ 8 ԧҤ 2558 10.00 .

˹ºѵ÷ҧ www.feoh.co.th

´Т鹵͹èͧѵ (͹Т͡˹)

1. ͧ÷ӡëͺѵèеͧŧ¹ѤҪԡ˹䫵ѡ www.feoh.co.th ǹ ѧ仹 -ʡŵѵûЪҪ, Ѿ, 㹡Ѻ, , ѹԴ, Ѩغѹ**Ѥÿ¤ ¼Ѥè user password ͧͧѤҪԡ˹䫵 ͹㹡ëͺѵԨ

2. Դͧѵ͹Źբѹ 8 ԧҤ 2558 10.00 . ֧ѹʺշ 10 ѹ¹ 2558 20:00 .


2.1 Login User, Password ŧ¹

2.2 ͡⫹ͧ

2.3 ͡, ԸաѺѵ, 觫ͺѵ

2.4 ͡ԸաêԹ

2.4.1 (ó͡д¡͹Թ)


2.4.2 (ó͡мҹѵôԵ Counter Service) кͧ PAYSBUY (դ Service Charge 4%)

2.5 ˹ҵǨͺ¡ ͹Թ ʶҹкѵâͧس

3. 㹡èͧѵ 1 ͧѵöö͡Թ 4 ٧ش 4 Ҥ⫹ǡѹ (ҡͧèͧҡ 4 ͵ҧ⫹öͧ user )

** ö͡ԡɳ EMS кФԴҨѴ 1 èͧ ӹǹ 50 ҷ **

4. кʨͧ (سҨӤѭ), ʹԹҹͧ, ŢͧҤ÷ҹͧӡ͹Թ ***˹ҷҹͧ͹͹*** ( 6 .)


Ҥ ¾ҳԪ (´ѭըҺҧèͧѵ)

ҹö͹Һѭءͧҧѧ ATM, ҷ츹Ҥ, Internet Banking

- ʹԹͧШʵҧ س͹Թʹк駾ʵҧ͡õǨͺǴ

- ѧҡ͹Թǡسѹ͹ҷ www.feoh.co.th (˹ҵǨͺ¡) ҷ˹ҹѺ ԩй鹨жԷ㹡èͧѵ ͧҹж١ź͡ҡкѹ ·ҧҹѺԴͺ

- ѧͧ͹Թ ˹ҷеǨͺʹԹ͹ һҳ 12 . 㹡ôԹ ͧѺҵǨͺʶҹСèͧա ѧҡҷ͹ҳ 12 . ҡѧ͹س駡Ѻѧ˹ҷѹ FeohTicket@gmail.com Hot Line 089-365-2834 095-893-7905

5. ѡҹ͹Թ Ի͹Թ (**й͡Ͷٻͧѹ͹ҧ٭) ʨͧ ͹׹ѹ㹡Ѻѵͻͧѹͺҧ

6. ѧҡͧ觢šèͧѵǼͧö䢢¡ԡèͧѵءó ֧ ö׹Թҡʴ

7. Ѻѵ׹ ӴѺŨ§ӴѺèͧ öǨͺӴѺèͧͧҹ˹ҵǨͺ¡ 5 ѹѧèͧ (Ţѵèԧ еçѺŢӴѺǢͧҹ)

8. ˹ѺѵõǨԧзӡѹʶҹѺѵҺա˹觼ҹҧ Feoh.co.th Όྨ https://www.facebook.com/FeohThai

9. ѧҡԴèͧ͹Ź öͺѵ˹ҧҹŧ ҹ͹ ¨´ ʶҹ Һա


1. ѵҤ 5000 ҷ Ѻ [We Will] COOL SCARF Polyester Ҵ 105*5 . ء

2. ҹŧ ¤Ѵ͡ҡ

-ѵҤ 5000 ҷ 80 ҹ

-ѵҤ 4000 ҷ ( /׹ ) 50 ҹ

-ѵҤ 2800 ҷ 10 ҹ

-ѵҤ 1800 ҷ 10 ҹ

(੾мͺѵá͹ѹ 5 .. 58 18.00 .)


*[We Will] SLOGAN շ 10 Է

-ѵҤ 5000 ҷ 5 Է

-ѵҤ 4000 ҷ /׹ 3 Է

-ѵҤ 2800/1800 ҷ /׹ 2 Է

(੾мͺѵá͹ѹ 5 .. 58 18.00 .)

**[We Will] T-SHIRT շ 10 Է

-ѵҤ 5000 ҷ 5 Է

-ѵҤ 4000 ҷ (/׹) 3 Է

-ѵҤ 2800/1800 ҷ 2 Է

(੾мͺѵá͹ѹ 5 .. 58 18.00 .)

***ѵʵҿͧŻԹ 5 ѹ

- Ѵ͡ҡ⪤շ

4.ءѺ ѹ͹

š⪤лСȼ ѹҷԵ 6 .. 58 ҹҧΌྨ www.facebook.com/FeohThai www.feoh.co.th

Show Date Saturday 12 September 2015 6.00 PM

Venue Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani

Ticket price 4000 (standing or seated), 5000, 2800, 1800

Sale date Saturday 8 August 2015

Distribution channel www.feoh.co.th

Ticket Information (Terms and Condition)

1. The Ticket Buyers have to apply for membership at www.feoh.co.th . Required information: First Name, Last Name, I.D. Number, Phone Number, E-mail Address, Sex, Birthdate, Address. Membership Application is Free of Charge. The Member will acquire username and password for ticket purchase and other membership activities.

2. On-Line Tickets will be held from 10.00 am Saturday 8th August 2015 until 08:00 pm Thursday 10th September 2015. Once enter into the system, the member has to fill up the required details on the webpage. Then select ticket price, zone and seat number. 1 Reservation may reserve up to 4 ticket seats with the same price and the same zone. (If the member would like to reserve more than 4 seats, he/she may have additional reservation with the same username.)

**The ticket buyers may choose to receive the tickets via EMS where the system will charge the delivery fee of 50 Baht. This service is for person who lives in Thailand only.

3. After the required details are filled completely, the system will provide the reservation code. (Please take note of the code.) The system will inform the Total Payment Value, the Bank Account Details that the member has to transfer the money to, and *** time frame that the member has to pay for the ticket(s) ***(Within 6 hours) (if you use Credit Card, system will redirect to paysbuy system, both VISA and Marter Card accepted. Service Charge 4%).

The Bank Account that the members have to transfer the money to is

Bank: Siam Commercial Bank (Full detail will be shown after booking)

The member may transfer the money via ATM, Bank Counter, Internet Banking

- The Total Required Payment contains Double Digits (Satang/x,xxx.xx). Please transfer the money at exact value for accurate purchase details checking.

- After the payment is made please kindly inform date/time of money transferred at www.feoh.co.th (on information checking page) within the given time frame; otherwise, it will be considered that the member cancel the reservation. The reservation will be cancelled from the system. The organizer will not be responsible on this cancellation.

- After the member inform the organizer about the payment details. The Ticket Officers will review the payment within 12 hours. The member may check the reservation details again 12 hours after submission of the payment details on the checking page. If the purchased tickets are not confirmed on system then, please kindly contact the ticket officers immediately at FeohTicket@gmail.com

4. Please keep the proof of payment i.e. payment slip (**Recommend the member to take photos of the slip to prevent color fading) and Reservation Code in order to collect the ticket(s) and preventing fraud.

5. After the reservation is submitted, the member is not allowed to change any reservation details and cannot cancel the reservation at any case and no refund.

6. For Standing zone, entrance to the venues are running by queue number. You can check your queue number after 5 days of purchase on view order menu. (Queue number can be found at the bottom of the tickets)

7. After online sale close, the left ticket will be available for sale at Ticket kiosk at Press Conference and Concert venue. More detail about time and place will announce again.

8. The Official Tickets Pick Up/Delivery Details will be informed again at www.feoh.co.th or https://www.facebook.com/FeohThai

For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/FeohThai or inquire any information at Feohticket@gmail.com


1. Every 5000 Baht ticket holder get a free '[We Will] COOL SCARF Polyester' size 105*5 cm.

2.Press conference: (reserved only for buyer before 5 September 2015)

- 80 will be drawn from the 5000 Baht ticket holders.

- 50 will be drawn from the 4000 Baht ticket holders.

- 10 will be drawn from the 2800 Baht ticket holders.

- 10 will be drawn from the 1800 Baht ticket holders.

3.MD goods or souvenirs with Artist's autograph

* 10 pcs. of [We Will] SLOGAN (reserved only for buyer before 5 September 2015)

- 5 will be drawn from the 5000 Baht ticket holders.

- 3 will be drawn from the 4000 Baht ticket holders.

- 2 will be drawn from the 2800/1800 Baht ticket holders.

** 10 pcs. of [We Will] T-SHIRT (reserved only for buyer before 5 September 2015)

- 5 will be drawn from the 5000 Baht ticket holders.

- 3 will be drawn from the 4000 Baht ticket holders.

- 2 will be drawn from the 2800/1800 Baht ticket holders.

***5 pcs. of Staff Tag with Artist's autograph

- 5 will be drawn from all ticket holders.

4.Every ticket holder gets a free official poster of the concert (posters are distributed on the show date).

All the draws will take place on 6 September 2015. Check the results at www.facebook.com/FeohThai or www.feoh.co.th